Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

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Dynaread Learn to Read Remediation

A Comprehensive Online Dyslexia Treatment Program

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Carefully science-based developed since 2006 Used on five continents worldwide Compatible with PC/MAC plus Android and Apple iOS mobile devices

Get your child reading and avoid the dangers of adolescent low literacy

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  • 30 minutes a day (may be split up into two sessions).
  • Short focused 3-min tasks/exercises (perfect for ADD/ADHD children as well).
  • Work anywhere (desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone).
  • Expand reading vocabulary right from Day #1.
  • Each week your child will be enjoying 'I can Read!' experiences in age-relevant non-fiction readers. We prepare them to read three new readers with comprehension each week.
  • Child enjoys high levels of self-efficacy (doing exercises by themselves).
  • Affordable for all (both Grants and Custom pricing available: We NEVER leave a child behind).
  • Dedicated expert support.

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A child who can't read well will experience Dynaread's approach as respectful and effective.

Scientific research has demonstrated that the basis for most reading struggles is neurological. Most children with dyslexia struggle with sounding out new words (phonological decoding). This is why the majority cannot progress in reading when taught with a typical classroom phonics-based approach.

Building on fundamental realities in Reading Science, Dynaread developed a teaching program that takes advantage of the fully functional fast-route or lexical-route reading process in the brain of a child with dyslexia. It will be a tremendous relief to your child to finally encounter age-appropriate reading lessons that they can also read and comprehend. Dynaread's approach teaches children to read through reading.

How does Dynaread differ from other programs

  • Lessons contain age-appropriate and engaging non-fiction stories. Your child will never be subjected to simplistic (and often degrading) lessons such as "the cat sat on the mat."

  • Our online program can be done from any computer with internet access: No commute to an educational facility. Remediation from the comfort of your school or home, yet with expert assistance only a phone call or support ticket away.

  • Our resident academics - experts in dyslexia, special education, learning disabilities, and reading sciences - provide free support. Whenever you have questions or are in need of advice, we're here to help. Our help is not only there for your child, or your school children, but also there for you: the teacher. We know what it takes to education children with special needs. We are here to help both you, and your child: free of charge.

  • Dynaread is backed by a heart-centered desire to help children, including yours! Our entire team is genuinely passionate about helping children succeed. To demonstrate that these are not just empty words, we operate a Grants Fund allowing low income families to receive a grant covering up to 75% of program costs. We simply want to do our best to try to help as many children as we can.

  • Each online dyslexia test is personally reviewed and (when qualifying) is followed up with a full report back to you by one of our specialists at no charge. Combined with our flexible pricing, this service effectively removes cost as a barrier to dyslexia remediation. At Dynaread we're passionate about helping children succeed.

Individual Reviews

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My sister is severely dyslexic and she is using your program with great results. Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Sarah on 22 November 2020

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I am pleased to say that Josh is doing well with the Dynaread lessons and I'm very pleased with the content of the reading passages. It's hard to put into words the joy I feel watching Josh regain confidence and begin to believe that he can indeed read. [Note by DYNAREAD: Josh is age 13 and tested severely dyslexic. Super proud of him!]

Reviewed by Cindy on 20 October 2020

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My son began working with the program Dynaread about 18 months ago, and has grown in his reading ability and fluency. His main diagnosis is Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and this has impacted not only his speech, but anything that involves language. He also struggles with auditory processing issues. Reading, of course, was very difficult for him. The program gave him more autonomy over his learning, and freed him from always directly working with a teacher or therapist for his reading practice. This motivated him to keep at the practice. It also sped up his reading, allowing him to more easily recognize words as a whole unit, instead of always relying on sounding out every single part. He still has many things to improve, but this came at a crucial time when he was getting discouraged about his reading. And it allowed him to progress at his own pace. Thank you for the program!
[DYNAREAD: This young Master started at age 10, and was SDCA Dyslexia Test assessed as severely dyslexic. We're so proud of him!]

Reviewed by Tamar on 22 May 2020

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I love this program! When my daughter Kimberly started to use dynaread she was struggling to read simple words and sentences. Kimberly enjoyed memory games at the beginning of each lesson, and then move through the lesson by herself each day. The program was easy to use and today she reads fluently. It is such a joy to see her reading chapter books now only a short time later!!
PS. One thing that I would like to mention is that I really appreciate the content. I am extremely careful with what my children read. I was pleasantly surprised to find the topics about which my daughter was reading were excellent.

Reviewed by Kimberly on 28 April 2020

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I have used Dynaread with my oldest son to watch his reading improvement. And now with my youngest. :D

Reviewed by Lovie Sellers on 03 December 2019

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I signed my 6th grader up for this program and I love it. It seems to be exactly what he needs. I am excited to have him keep doing it and see where it will take him. Also impressed that you offer the second child at no additional cost.

Reviewed by Anna on 11 September 2019

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Our daughter is doing very well and the DYNAREAD lessons have helped tremendously in all areas of her school work.

Reviewed by Mary, Manitoba on 19 June 2019

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Thanks so much, Dynaread. We are in Australia and love this program!

Reviewed by Erin, Australia on 19 June 2019

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Thank you so much to Hans and his team! After exactly one year of hard work, our ten year old son today will finish the Dynaread program. His reading has drastically improved both in terms of comprehension and fluency. It has been a long journey for us parents as well, trying always to find the way to ensure a steady dynaread routine of 6 days per week with rewards and enthusiasm. My message to other parents is to trust the program because it does work, definitely it works! Our son is dyslexic and will always struggle a bit on reading. But now he is confident on his ability and most importantly he loves reading as we can tell from books piling next to his bed. Thank you!

Reviewed by Francesca on 28 April 2019

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My daughter struggled with reading for so many years. After having her go through the Dynaread program she is much more confident and fluent in her reading. Thanks so much to the Dynaread Team!

Reviewed by Carla on 03 March 2019

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Our daughter is dyslexic and struggled a great deal with reading fluency and comprehension. We tried to help her through typical methods (a regular tutor, the Barton program and even a reading specialist). These methods didn't help her at all as it didn't address the core of her reading problem. Her brain is wired differently so she needs to be taught differently. She started the Dynaread program over the summer and everything has changed. We just received her report card and she's achieved reading fluency and her reading comprehension is on par with her classmates. My husband is also dyslexic and often wonders how much easier life would have been if Dynaread was available to him when he needed it. This program has been a blessing to our family. Please don't waste your time on other conventional methods that just don't work!

Reviewed by Kelly Cooper on 01 February 2019

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My daughter used this program years ago. It taught her how to read her way. She is now a straight A student and thriving! I owe gratitude to dynaread for her success!
— This review was also submitted as a Recommendation on Dynaread's Facebook page.

Reviewed by Melissa Butler Truman on 16 January 2019

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Thank you so much! We are loving the progress our son is having due to his time with Dynaread. I've recommended it to my friends. Thank you for building this program!

Reviewed by Jaime on 15 November 2018

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We started DYNAREAD in January 2018 after having had many frustrating education planning meetings over the years with our son's school. Despite multiple interventions, by fourth grade the teachers were indicating to us that Liam may not graduate from High School because he could not learn to read! We found Dynaread on the internet. All the interventions in the past had been Phonics-based and did not help. We have a long way to go but in these first three months we've been using DYNAREAD we have finally seen improvement and are very grateful for it! In March, for Spring Break, we visited a book store in Memphis TN. Liam had us buy him two Big Nate books (something he never would have asked for in the past). He completely read one of these books in the car as we traveled around TN and then drove home to Ohio. Thank you so much! [Dynaread:We're very proud of Liam. Our program does incluse Phonics training, but we do so much more in ways specificlly designed for older struggling readers.]

Reviewed by Amy Huston on 23 August 2018

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The service turnaround is FANTASTIC! The program is thoughtful. Highly recommend! If in doubt you loose nothing by exploring the trial period. Give it a go.

Reviewed by Antonia Burt on 04 September 2017

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Three of our children have worked through Dynaread, and the results are so positive. I’m finding myself having to tell them to put their books away until their chores are done! I never thought I’d see the day when I’d almost be annoyed at how much time they spend reading- and it’s a strange feeling for a parent to experience irritation, joy, and thanksgiving over the same issue! They didn’t always enjoy every step of the journey, and they won’t always admit that reading was a huge frustration and struggle before Dynaread, but as parents, we can see the enormous difference in their academic and personal lives since completing the program. I highly recommend the Dynaread program and support staff!

Reviewed by Marilyn on 31 August 2017

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Dynaread is truly a life saver for this family and I speak of it to all of my friends that have children with reading difficulties.

Reviewed by Stephanie on 24 May 2017

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When it was determined that our 13.5 year old daughter was needing tutoring for her dyslexia, we promptly got her tutoring. We were advised to get her Orton Gillingham tutoring specifically, and it needed to be a minimum of 2 times a week for her to grow and understand reading etc. We began to see this was taking a toll on her and stopped the tutoring as it was not working for her. As a homeschooling family living in a small town, we needed more but could not travel. That's when we found Dynaread. Our daughter is now 15 and has progressed in leaps and bounds. She reads approximately 113 words per minute and has an excellent handle on sounding words out or figuring out their meaning and pronunciation through context. I cannot recommend Dynaread enough. Hans is personable and kind and extremely helpful and encouraging. Our daughter now reads regularly for pleasure because she can!! THANKS DYNAREAD!

Reviewed by Anne on 15 May 2017

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My husband and I were just saying that a year ago we would never have dreamed that our son would be staying up at night to read in bed, and now we can't get him to stop. His appetite for books is insatiable. He has read multiple books since graduating in March. His school tested him this week, and he scored a Lexile rank placing him at a Grade 5 reading level (he attends Grade 3)!!! He was soooooo proud. Hans and his team have been a blessing, and the gift you have given us is extraordinary! We really cannot thank you enough.

Reviewed by The Zimmermanns on 26 April 2017

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Dear Dynaread Team! We are so excited to say that Kale graduated from Dynaread! This program has helped him tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so grateful to you all. Thank you for creating and supporting a program that really works. God Bless!

Reviewed by Rhonda on 07 March 2017

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So far I am encouraged that my daughter's reading will be helped. We just signed up. I can see how the memory exercises will be very helpful for her and was surprised at how difficult she found them. And even though it is difficult for her, she seems to enjoy it and is asking to try again.

Reviewed by Lynn on 05 January 2017

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Dynaread has been the missing key to our 14 year old daughters reading challenges. We tried tutors and different curriculum to no avail. Not only has dynread increased our daughters reading speed, but its widened her vocabulary. The content is engaging and well presented. As with many dyslexics, routine is crucial, and so with Dynaread, one lesson lasts approximately 15-20 minutes long. Doing this task daily has greatly improved her reading ability. Hans is a great host of the site, and so very helpful, kind and compassionate, and always available to answer any questions you many have. I highly recommend Dynaread for every age.

Reviewed by Anne Iacovone on 29 November 2016

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Dear Dynaread Team, we are so excited to hear our son share about a book he is reading at school. He is reading a Level M book, Grade 4.4 equivalent, while in 3d Grade. I am so happy and so thankful to you and your team. Please give everyone our best. I know my son would be struggling in school if we had not found your program. Instead he seems to be thriving! He is also doing 4th Grade Math and we have not had to help him with it any of this new school year.

Reviewed by Rhonda on 18 October 2016

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From the very helpful FREE testing to the amazing instruction and last but not least the supremely excellent customer service and help! I cannot say enough good about them! As we progress, I will update even more! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART DYNAREAD!

Reviewed by April Anderson on 29 September 2016

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I had some questions about how my son was coming along with the Dynaread program and asked for help and advice. Hans Dekkers personally called me and we exchanged several emails. I asked if his team would give me their perspective on my son's learning disabilities test results. He welcomed me to send those to him and quickly replied. I was greatly touched by his kindness. He encouraged us to persevere and gave us the reassurance that we both needed.

Reviewed by Kathy on 23 September 2016

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We signed up with Dynaread because our daughter was struggling with reading. As we home school we decided to enroll both of our children. Our 6 year old son has become an amazing reader well beyond his grade level as a result of doing the program. Our daughter was finally able to read! The staff were extremely helpful and supportive. Thanks for all your hard work.

Reviewed by Tami on 26 January 2016

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My young teen daughter struggled with reading. We learned about Dynaread and enrolled her right away. She worked mostly on her own, was totally driven, and is about to complete the curriculum (in less than a year). She really liked the non-fictional topics of the readers: They were interesting, presented balanced views on the world around us, and closed with relevant applications. She is now a more confident and skilled reader, reading book series like Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables, and even reads in public. We are very grateful for this program, and its support, and have no idea how we would have crossed this challenging bridge without them.

Reviewed by Belinda on 22 December 2015

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Excellent program for my 10 year old son.

Reviewed by Sandra Podolski on 15 December 2015

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Thank you for your love and care for all the people using Dynaread and all the people that need it. Thank you so much.

Reviewed by Sarah (Dynaread Student) on 14 December 2015

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Our daughter is now only one month into the Dynaread program. Today I was gathering some things to donate to a local charity, and I asked her about my donating a particular book. She replied, "No, don't get rid of that book. When I can read a little bit better, I would like to read that one by myself." Prior to this, I had not heard her express interest in reading on her own--and I think she wondered if she ever would read on her own. Because she is reading the Dynaread texts so well, she has gained confidence that she will read other books someday. I am so thankful for her new found confidence, and we are very grateful for Dynaread. Thank You!!

Reviewed by Jodi on 21 November 2015

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Dynaread was very useful for the period we used it. It was very effective and affordable for us when we were at a school without proper resources. Thank you for this service.

Reviewed by Shaun on 08 November 2015

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We enrolled my daughter a month ago, and she has already made great progress. Dynaread has been great so far for her. Thank you!

Reviewed by Jodi on 04 November 2015

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Zack started Dynaread in November last year (10 months ago) and was reading below a second grade level. His reading level at the start of school in September this year was 4th grade 4th month. I am very grateful that Zack has enjoyed the benefit of your program.

Reviewed by Marilyn on 02 November 2015

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My son had been struggling with reading for almost four years. We immediately noticed an improvement with Dynaread. He still has a bit of catching up to do but after working one year with Dynaread he is now only one year behind his grade level.

Reviewed by Stephanie on 29 October 2015

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Dynaread has been a real blessing to my family. My boys have severe dyslexia. After years of struggling to read, they have now become more confident young men who are able to read. We also appreciate the individual attention Dynaread offers to its students. We always knew if we had any concerns or questions, Dynaread was there to help.

Reviewed by Joann Williams on 19 September 2015

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My daughter reads more and more on her own. Today while she was doing her reading she stopped and said, "This program [Dynaread] is making my reading more fluent, I can tell.” You can not imagine how happy I was to hear her say that. Thank you!

Reviewed by Laura on 26 August 2015

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I would like to let you know that Zoe has made great improvements, I would say mainly with self confidence. Contrary to what we had witnessed before, she now offers to read aloud in public and is becoming much more fluent.

Reviewed by Rita Venema on 23 April 2015

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I finally found something that works for my son after trying so many other methods. The feedback and immediate help is so encouraging!

Reviewed by Homeschool mom on 21 April 2015

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My son was struggling with the Check Module part of the Dynaread lesson he is on and missed several words. He was giving up and we noticed that some bees were landing on our pear tree. I let him take a break and watch the bees. He was very excited when he saw the little sack on the bee's leg. (We watched some videos on honeybees to enhance the lesson.) After his break, he went back in and did really well on his Check Module. Then he stood with his binder at the window and read the section on honeybees to the bees. It was very sweet. I like the opportunities to take these lessons into very rich experiences.

Reviewed by Shawnda on 14 April 2015

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Dynaread is great for all ages. My daughter started two months ago at the age of 13. She is motivated to do the program herself with adult support to review. We are now noticing the expansion of her reading and recognition vocabulary, and the Dynaread team are so responsive to our questions as we go along. I am so relieved we found this excellent program for her!

Reviewed by Catherine on 17 March 2015

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The service and support provided by the Dynaread team were both excellent. I am a remedial/learning support teacher and was becoming frustrated at my own and other professionals attempts to help my daughter. She was an older struggling reader and the content was interesting and relevant to her. She made great progress utilizing this program on a daily basis and we are both very relieved and excited about that. [Note from Dynaread: This review was written on the day the daughter completed our program. We give her a big thumbs up].

Reviewed by Rebecca on 03 March 2015

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I am really pleased and excited about the process my grandson has made since starting the Dynaread program 4 month ago. He has made significant progress and his reading has improved almost 1 grade level. I recommend this program for children with Dyslexia.

Reviewed by Marilyn Cooper on 17 February 2015

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I like that Dynaread has a strong science basis and integrates parent or coach involvement. We've been at it less than two months which is too soon to say how effective it is. However I can see that our son has already gained confidence and a sense of accomplishment and is motivated to continue. This may have more to do with how we use it and offer rewards than the program itself. I think it is a bit too easy for students to game the system so it requires continued monitoring. We will continue and hopefully see good results in due time.

Reviewed by Steven on 16 February 2015

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I have found this program to be person friendly, easy to maneuver through. I don’t have to go out and buy a lot of materials; everything I need is built into the program. All the components are there for your child to succeed. And better yet it works!!!! I give it a 5 stars!!!!

Reviewed by Olivia Miller on 18 December 2014

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My 5th grade son, Drew has been doing Dynaread since the end of April. We just received his first trimester report card, and for the first time ever he made all 3's and 3 's! (3's are good/at grade level.) I believe his daily practice with Dynaread provided him the skills to finally 'catch up' in all his subjects. Just wanted to share the good news. I hope this review will encourage you to give Dynaread a try! It's been a Godsend for us.

Reviewed by Julie Demos on 09 December 2014

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I can't say enough good things about this program! My child had been suffering from stress related migraines, which took a while to figure out. We knew she wasn't reading well, but nothing seemed to be helping. After using the program, she is reading much better and the headaches have decreased dramatically. I can only assume the reading issues were adding to her stress. We have a ways to go still, but I know we will get there with Dynaread.

Reviewed by Judy sullivan on 28 November 2014

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Dynaread provided an enjoyable way for my son to continue improving his reading skills. He loved going to the site and managing the lesson independently. I also found the support and staff encouragement to be outstanding! Thank you!

Reviewed by Jen Canfield on 24 October 2014

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After discovering my son (Drew) is dyslexic last year, I spent several months tutoring him on my own. We quickly hit a wall in our day-to-day practices. I spent several weeks researching curriculum designed for dyslexia that I could apply at home. I was discouraged with most of what I found--boring, tedius curriculum that I would first have to learn before teaching to my son after he returned from a full day of school. Dynaread has been a wonderful discovery for us! Drew is able to work on it each day, mostly autonomously. (He usually does it before heading out the door to school.) I am no longer scouring the local library looking for material that meets both his maturing interests and his reading level. In addition to Dynaread, we read to each other from chapter books daily. In just six months, Drew has improved significantly!

Reviewed by Julie on 22 October 2014

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The DynaRead program has really helped my son. In less than a year, he has progressed from a 3rd-4th grade reading level to an 8th grade level. While he still does struggle with some issues (ie, numbers, spelling words on his own), his reading has improved wonderfully.

Reviewed by Jennifer on 15 October 2014

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After trying 4-5 different reputable dyslexic programs to help my 11 year old son, we finally found Dynaread. This program has helped like no other program we tried. With Dynaread, I saw my son make improvements and he actually enjoyed the dynamic topics that were covered because they weren't 'baby books' as he called the only other books he could actually read at the time. Don't be afraid to give this program a try, even if you're ready to give up. I didn't realize that people with Dyslexia often have 'working memory' problems but Dynaread actually helps with this too. Don't get me wrong, Dynaread might not make all your child's problems disappear, but it sure has helped my now 12 year old read with much more flow and confidence. Reading will always be more of a struggle for him, but my son now has the tools necessary to actually read and he has more confidence after graduating from Dynaread. Did I mention the great help from Dynaread staff? Well, it is top rate!! Anytime, I had a question, Hans was always there to help and give encouragement. You never feel like a 'nobody' because Dynaread staff actually care and they want to truly help your child. I couldn't ask for more! Thank you Dynaread!

Reviewed by Cathy on 16 September 2014

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There can be nothing better than Dynaread Program. I say this for two reasons:
My daughter is able to read with great fluency due to this program (it's a miracle), and the Dynaread Team is very dedicated.

Reviewed by Tony on 12 September 2014

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Dynaread is the best program for struggling readers. They have a team of dedicated professionals and they treat every case personally. This program has been planned professionally and methodically. I have many students of mine who have begun reading 'fluently' thanks to Dynaread. God Bless and keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Sophia Gonsalves on 12 September 2014

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I am extremely happy with the Dynaread program and the company's level of support, passion and committment to it's struggling readers AND their families. Their passion and desire to help kids who are struggling to learn to read is amazing. My 10 year old son has been struggling to the point where I started desperately searching for help everywhere I could think of ... he has been getting reading support from 2nd grade in a lab school who's teachers refused to give up, but essentially exhausted every option they knew to try with him. Luckily, he is not a kid who gives up easily and tried everything asked of him... so when I stumbled upon Dynaread, I was very excited about their claim to be something different. When the owner of the company called me himself to answer any of my questions and encourage me to give it a try, I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a company and I knew the claim was true. My son has started Dynaread and already his confidence AND fluency has started to improve! I am so thankful we found this program and encourage anyone who has a child, even an older child, who struggles with reading to give it a try.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Orseno, Pennsylvania, USA on 14 May 2014

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Dynaread is already helping my first-grader. He has trouble keeping his eyes on the words and the technique that Dynaread uses with the "snowflake" is great! He is feeling better about his ability to read.

Reviewed by Betsy, Utah, USA on 25 April 2014

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Be willing to explore educational options for your child. Just because your child has dyslexia, doesn't mean that your child is slow or stupid, it just means that they may take in information differently than others.

Reviewed by Tamara Bergen, Manitoba on 10 March 2014

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Do not give up. There is help available. Check out dynaread for yourself. We now have a focus and a purpose after so many years of struggling.

Reviewed by Mary, Alberta on 05 March 2014

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While I can see that Dynaread works well (that's why I gave it 4 stars) and has certainly improved my son's reading skills, there are days when it becomes a huge deal just to get him to sit down and attempt to get through a lesson. I would suggest that there are other factors one needs to consider to deal with dyslexia along with Dynaread in order to learn to cope with life.
DYNAREAD Response: Marilyn's student - at the time of this Survey - had successfully completed 75% of the Dynaread curriculum, in good progress.There are always other factors. Given more time and resources (money), the more specific one can diagnose and remediate. The reality is that the vast majority of struggling readers do not have access to such expensive customized means. Dynaread provides free-of-charge access to our team of highly educated reading specialists. The more parents/teachers share about the specific needs of their child, the more specific we can coach and advice.

Reviewed by Marilyn on 21 February 2014

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A whole new world of written text has become available to my son since participating in Dynaread.

Reviewed by Caroline, Alberta on 19 February 2014

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We don't have previous experience with reading / learning struggles and we don't know exactly how dynaread is different, but it has tremendously helped our child. The improvement over the last year of his reading is incredible and a real blessing.

Reviewed by Gerald and Glenda, Alberta on 17 February 2014

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I would say that there is hope for their child, and that this program is one of the best I've seen to help with it.

Reviewed by Lana, Alberta on 25 January 2014

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Don't give up. There are options available out there for you and your child. Dynaread is one option that has proven invaluable for our child.

Reviewed by Blair, BC on 11 December 2013

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Get help for them as soon as possible. Don't give up too easily. The forward steps are sometimes very small and sometimes a long time in between but in order for your child's confidence to increase you need to assist them in reading as well as they can.

Reviewed by Leslie on 10 December 2013

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This is only one tool to be used with your child. There is no magic bandaide, it will be a long road of support and encouragement for you and your child.

Reviewed by Sally Snyder, Ontario on 29 November 2013

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Well worth doing the program. Keep persevering!

Reviewed by Nicole, Ontario on 12 November 2013

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Dynaread has helped to take a lot of the frustration out of learning to read and has given my daughter a level of confidence in reading that she never had before. She still has a long way to go, but this program has shown her that she can learn to read.

Reviewed by Ruth Agnew, Ontario on 07 November 2013

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This is an amazing program. I really wish we could use it next year with our students. I cannot believe how much they have improved. Thanks so much for letting me pilot this program. The students absolutely love working on this program and look forward to time each day on Dynaread.

Reviewed by Doreen Regier, Remedial Teacher, British Columbia, Canada on 15 October 2013

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As our son built up his sight word bank, his reading speed improved significantly. This helped him to understand the context of what he was reading rather than only getting one word at a time. This in turn helped him to overcome his frustrations which gave him increased confidence and reading enjoyment. Instead of "I can't read" I now hear "Can we go to the library?" Mr. Dekkers was a pleasure to deal with. It is obvious that he sincerely cares about helping children. I highly recommend both Dynaread and the support team behind the program.

Reviewed by Helen Blankenborg, BC, Canada on 10 October 2013

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The child I work with chose not to participate in my learning support program, but was receptive to giving Dynaread a try. I am thankful that this child has chosen to continue building his skills and engaging in learning. By choosing this opportunity I believe he feels more motivated and engaged in his learning.

Reviewed by Canadian Public School Learning Support Teacher, Canada on 02 October 2013

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I cannot thank you enough for how you have blessed our family, and in particular my son. As a trained teacher I never thought that I would ever have trouble teaching a child to read. Well, my son is now ten and after a number of years of trying different methods and struggling through a variety of programs, he is finally reading, thanks to the Dynaread program. My initial call with Hans at Dynaread gave me the hope that I had prayed for. Yes, Hans, when you described my son like no one else had, I knew you understood and had something that could assist my son's reading. We LOVE the Dynaread program. And now with the upgrades, it is even better. We love the organization of it, the independence for my son, the monitored procedures,the repetition, the initial game to start each lesson and the splash of yellow to keep my son on task. We LLLOOOOVVVE the topics and information that have been chosen to teach the new words. We appreciate that the program does not "dumbdown" my son with elementary dialogue such as, 'The cat sat on the mat' but teaches new words using mature and age-appropriate language. Because of the topics you have chosen we have discovered a lot more about the first trip to the moon, the different animals in the coral reefs, the functions of blood, and so much more. It has been a joy! Oh, but the thing that I, the mother of a dyslexic child, love best about Dynaread is your care. Yes, from the first telephone call right until today, I have felt supported, encouraged and comfortable asking for assistance from each one of you. That has made a huge difference for me. I had felt very alone during our journey of trying to figure out how my son's brain worked and how we were ever going to teach him to read. That has all changed after working with all of you at Dynaread. Even the lovely voice on the recordings is encouraging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding! I have to tell you that my dear friend, who has been a special-ed teacher for years, is thrilled with your program. She appreciates how it has incorporated a number of dyslexic philosophies into one easy method. Also, with my son also having a specific vision problem, we are thankful that the lesson screen is not white, bright and painful to his eyes. Thank you so very, very much for the time and energy you have given for children you do not even know. Keep up the great work! May you be blessed as you have blessed!!!

Reviewed by Hildy Sloots, Canada on 20 August 2013

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Get them tested at Dynaread, if you find they are dyslexic, sign them up to do the Dynaread program right away. The sooner the better. Give your child the huge advantage of learning to read in a way that will work for them. It will do wonders for their self-esteem.

Reviewed by Mary-Ann Van Den Assem Blyth, Ontario on 08 August 2013

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Don't give up! Your encouragment and support are very important factors to help your child succeed.

Reviewed by Carmen Harke, Ontario, Canada on 16 July 2013

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My son recently graduated from the Dynaread program. Having been his instructor and primary motivator, I would highly recommend this program to anyone with a child experiencing difficulties in learning to read. The short entrance test gives you a readout that you can later compare with the readout given at the end of the program to see the amazing progress. The program itself is broken up into short segments with appropriate breaks, which is important for short attention spans. As my son progressed through the program, he was able to read longer and more difficult passages. I could see his progress. Beyond the program itself, there was help from the Dynaread team there when I needed it. When I had questions, they were answered; when I needed help, it was there. The reason I so highly recommend Dynaread, in short, is because I went from a son who struggled to read a sentence unless it was something he had memorized, to someone who turned to me after graduation and said "Mama, I am proud that I can read". He now reads entire passages of the Bible out loud and will occasionally (when he finds a book that interests him) spend the entire afternoon reading. What more could you ask?

Reviewed by Shelly van Heyningen, Canada on 06 June 2013

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Dynaread was something we started being guaranteed success. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Although the Dynaread team was helpful, the program was not helpful at all for our daughter. After much personal research into dyslexia, I would submit that only children with a certain type of dyslexia, not all dyslexia (as they claim) would be potentially helped by the program. DYNAREAD Response When Jocelyn choose to stop working with us, she wrote us the following closing words. QUOTE Thank you so much for all the work you invested into trying to help [student name]. I do believe you have a phenomenal program and team of people that will help many to break the bonds of illiteracy. Wishing you the best in your vision to help others. UNQUOTE We worked with Jocelyn's student for three months. Her student faced additional challenges. Our Learning Disabilities specialist Dave Munro and our Cognitive Neuroscience specialist Mark Wessinger provided additional coaching. Jocelyn rated our service level with four stars (five is maximum).

Reviewed by Jocelyn, Alberta on 27 March 2013

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Dynaread is THE program for helping children with dyslexia learn to read. With its cutting edge technology and adaptability, it grows with your child as it teaches your child the joy of reading.

Reviewed by Annette Baal, Ontario, Canada on 19 March 2013

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